Celebrate It All: Delve into life with a happiness mindset to find festive moments everywhere

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Celebrate It All: Delve into life with a happiness mindset to find festive moments everywhere

In the international best-seller Hector and the Search for Happiness, François Lelord makes a strong case for gratitude and simplicity being foundations of a joyful life. “Happiness is knowing how to celebrate,” he writes, and in those six words, perhaps, we find a prescient truth: one does not need holidays or occasions to slip into a place of merriness. Instead – much like Explora Journeys’ encouragement for guests to seek their Ocean State of Mind – a simple mindset shift can shade any moment with lightheartedness and elation. 

Looking back over the past few days or weeks, did you encounter unexpected situations that filled you with delight? Perhaps you came across a heartwarming video of an animal, or found yourself in a new restaurant, realizing that every item on the menu seemed to have been created just for you. Or maybe you began planning your next get-together with family and friends, and simply thinking about it, you felt anticipation, perhaps even giddiness. 

Adopting a celebration mindset means endless possible reasons to pause and cheer. 

That being said, we do tend to mark our lives by the drumbeat of occasion-based celebrations. Big life moments. Professional achievements. Surviving a challenging time. And, of course, holidays. 

On July 20, as we took delivery of EXPLORA I and brought the Aponte family’s vision for a new approach to luxury ocean travel to life, we celebrated. This momentous achievement is both a milestone of accomplishment and, importantly, a marker in all that is yet to come in the growth of Explora Journeys as a way for discerning travellers to discover the world in an entirely new, highly cosmopolitan yet deeply relaxing way. 

EXPLORA I sets sail on August 1 for the very first time and will elegantly carry guests both on and off the beaten path, offering the perfect blend of well-loved and lesser-known destinations. 

Onboard, guests will enjoy spaces that invite any kind of celebration, from the simple joy of being at sea to a backdrop for creating indelibly special travel memories.

Vibrant, cosmopolitan relaxed European luxury at sea. EXPLORA I offers 461 ocean-front suites, penthouses and residences designed to be ‘Homes at Sea’ for our guests with private terraces and sweeping ocean views; an unparalleled choice of 18 restaurants, bars and lounges, each its own celebration of global talents and cultures; four swimming pools, extensive outdoor decks with private cabanas, and reimagined onboard entertainment and enrichment. For a true sense of rejuvenation, Ocean Wellness offers the gift of physical and spiritual renewal, from a deeply calming spa inspired by the ocean’s natural forces, to a modern fitness space full of cutting-edge equipment.

On any of our journeys, anywhere in the world, travel’s innate ability to spark wonder and contentment is guests’ for the taking. 

This winter, EXPLORA I will present our first-ever Caribbean and Central America season, a collection of journeys that offer endless ways to feel a sense of elevation, as well as one extra-special sailing that incorporates Christmas and New Year’s. 

EXPLORA I’s inaugural Caribbean and Central America season runs from November 2023 through early April 2024. From UNESCO World Heritage sites to jaw-droppingly blue waters, from rocky hideaways to historic forts, the myriad of destinations we will visit are a compelling collection of the spectacular and the sublime alike – matched only by the sophisticated settings, space, choice, privacy and service onboard. 

For those looking to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in truly luminous style, our Extended Holiday Journey into White-Sand Wonderlands sailing in and out of Miami from December 22, 2023 to January 5, 2024, uncorks warm holiday memories with gala dinners, live music and champagne toasts. Whilst connecting with family or friends, your clients will layer in even more magic as they discover white-sand wonderlands in the Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda – and our enchanting private island, Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

When people are fully present during their ocean journey, they will be primed to find their Ocean State of Mind: a transformative experience offering an opportunity for inner and outer discovery inspired by the ocean, resulting in physical, intellectual, and spiritual rejuvenation. We believe this sense of wonder can become part of us, a precious element of our ability to find happiness in the everyday. And that’s something worth celebrating.