It’s Time to Check Off Your Destination Bucket List!

Category: Escorted or Guided Tour

It’s Time to Check Off Your Destination Bucket List!

From the crystal-clear waters of Patagonia, Africa’s exciting safaris, to a monastery tucked in the mountains of Japan, your dream destination is ready to be explored. Grab your bags and get set because we've got a European bucket list for you that's anything but basic- fresh tales, iconic flavors, and jaw-dropping views are all on the menu.

1. Chase Fairytales in Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace

Follow in the footsteps of royalty through the grand corridors and feel the once-great Habsburg dynasty come alive. Vienna's gem invites you to picture royal affairs, grand balls, and to live your most regal daydream. Did you know Marie Antionette once played in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace as a child, before gracing the courts of France? Experience the luxury that once captivated a young queen. Why dream of palaces when you can explore them?

2. Hear a Berliner's Tale of Life before the Fall of the Wall

A must for history buffs. Stand at the crossroads of history as you listen to a Berliner's vivid account of life under the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Visualize a divided city, walk through Checkpoint Charlie, and sense the Cold War tension around every turn as you step into your own John le Carré novel.

3. Indulge in Viennese Coffee Culture

Sit, sip, repeat! And don't forget to snap that artsy coffee photo for your travel album. And on this tour, the coffee comes with a Waltz lesson!

4. A Night of Viennese Tradition at Marchfelderhof

Not many restaurants can boast a guest list that includes the likes of King Constantine of Greece, King Faruk of Egypt, and the iconic Liz Taylor. Marchfelderhof is where the world's elites come to get a taste of Austria's rich culinary and cultural tapestry. So find your table, savor exquisite culinary delights, immerse yourself in rich local traditions, and let the vivacious Viennese spirit sweep you off your feet.

5. Visit the World’s Oldest Christmas Market in Dresden

Ever wanted to step into your own Hallmark Christmas movie (if that movie were dubbed in German)? Well look no further. World's oldest Christmas market? Check. Mulled wine? Double check. Dresden, known as the “Florence on the Elbe” is an absolute festive wonderland during the holidays. Why just send a Christmas card when you can feel like you’re walking through one? It’s good tidings of comfort and joy, all around.

6. Channel Your Inner Architect at Barcelona's La Sagrada Família

Standing before Gaudí's La Sagrada Família (UNESCO) is an experience that transcends mere observation—it's a soulful communion between the natural and the man-made. As you gaze upon its towering spires, every curve, twist, and spiral resonates with Gaudí's profound belief: nature knows no straight lines and so neither should his buildings. La Sagrada Família reminds us that in nature, as in faith, there lies an intrinsic beauty and order. Guadí changed architecture forever, and seeing his work in person is a singular experience that will change you, too.

7. Embark on a Foodie Quest Through the Mediterranean

Now, this is how to travel by taste. And this tour keeps your taste buds dancing. Savor paella in Barcelona, Provençal delights in Marseille, a cheese-filled focaccia in Genoa, and so much more. Pack stretchy pants!

8. Discover Spain's Coastal Runway

Stride along the sun-kissed coast, with the waves applauding your every move. The scenic trail between Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc in Spain is not just a walk—it's a love letter from the Mediterranean to its travelers.

9. Unleash Your Inner Detective with Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Follow the scent, trust the dogs, and maybe find a truffle bigger than your head. Here's hoping! Embark on an exhilarating quest in the heart of Tuscany. Guided by local experts and keen-nosed dogs, scour the silvery olive groves and lush hills in search of treasured truffles. Celebrate your finds with a feast.

So go on, let us help you tick off this list, and let Europe surprise you, one enchanting stop at a time. Travel beckons!