Laughter is Brightest when Food is Best

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Laughter is Brightest when Food is Best
Enjoy Meals With Your Travel Party When, How & Where You Want
Eating is just as much of an important part of the travel experience as wandering around museums or visiting historic landmarks. And actually, a lot of the time it’s the best thing about travel! We experience the way in which food is presented and served, take in the atmosphere and environment around us, and interact with the staff and maybe even other guests.
Dining options on cruise shipsare numerous. Even small ships will usually offer more than one specialty restaurant. While it’s important to recognize that dining packages and policies vary from cruise line to cruise line (and occasionally between cruise ships in the same cruise line), there are some things you can always expect.

“Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience” – Guy Fieri

Unless you purchase a dedicated dining package or are sailing on an all-inclusive cruise line, chances are you’ll spend most meals in the buffet (close to the pool) or the main dining room. If you want to eat healthy on a cruise, you can normally choose from a variety of salads and other healthy dishes from the buffet. Some cruiselines offer their main dining room as a large sit-down style banquet room, where you might be seated at a table with other passengers. Some cruise ships assign a table.
Princess®has reimagined dining at sea to be even more personalized.Part of Princess’ MedallionClass®experience isDine My WaySMreservations, which will allow you to customize every aspect of mealtime:

  1. Dine when you want - select dining times for main dining rooms and specialty restaurants. Request the same time each night if you prefer the same waitstaff.
  2. Dine how you want - choose your dining pace,no dinnertime meltdowns! Customize your food and drink orders and share any dietary preferences in your OceanReady® profile.
  3. Dine with who you want - easily make reservations that include members of your travel party (or not!)
  4. Dine where you want - take your pick of a variety of venues. Try local cuisine without leaving the ship – salmon in Alaska, street tacos in Mexico and jerk chicken in the Caribbean. Don't get up! Order food and drinks delivered anywhere on board with OceanNow®.

Whether fitting in a formal dinner before a show or ordering food and drinks to your poolside perch. Reconnect with your favorite people on your next sailing while spending less time waiting and more time connecting with what matters most to you. Do your vacation your way with the Princess MedallionClass experience.

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