Top Alaska Experiences For Every Type of Traveler

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Top Alaska Experiences For Every Type of Traveler
Whether you're a well-versed traveler or a new explorer, there's a reasoncruising Alaskasits at the top of must-do lists for so many around the world. From zipping through the vast open wilderness and experiencing the thrill of a 30-ton whale gliding under your catamaran to taking spectacular scenic tours through historic towns where you can dine with locals, the best way to cruise Alaska is with Norwegian.

AnAlaska cruiseallows you to unpack once and visit multiple must-see ports that give you an authentic look into rich culture and extraordinary natural splendor unlike anywhere else in the world. You canbring the whole familyon an unforgettable Alaska cruise vacation and take a spin on a thrillingrace track at seaor enjoy a more intimate journey cruising by the Hubbard Glacier and strolling flourishing nature trails. No matter your explorer-style, this guide offers some ofAlaska’s top experiencesbased on the activity level you're looking for, so let's dive right in!

Few experiences are as impressive as viewing a glacier from a canoe.

Alaska for The Thrill Seeker

For travelers that want a full-on Alaska adventure jam-packed with experiences that immerse you deep into the wilderness of The Last Frontier, you may want an extra couple days to get your fill.Alaska Cruisetoursare perfect for that! Thrill Seekers will jump for joy at the12-Day Denali Explorer Pre-Cruisetourwith 7 additional days on land before your cruise with overnight stays in Valdez, Fairbanks, Denali and Anchorage.

This Cruisetour package includes exploring Denali with a 7- to 8-hour Tundra Wilderness Tour, a scenic journey on a deluxe dome rail, followed by a sled dog musher's kennel for a private tour and beyond with plenty of time for optional activities such as whitewater rafting, helicopter flightseeing, hiking and more!

If you're not interested in extra time on land, but still want adventure, begin your sailing and make your way toJuneau, also known as Alaska's Peak Experience, where you can take aSea Kayak Adventure shore excursionand kayak along Juneau's coast, getting the chance to spot incredible wildlife like porpoise, seals, sea lions, eagles and even whales.

For a truly emblematic Alaskan journey try out one of our popular Go Local tours, which provide an authentic, immersive cultural experiences that connect you with locals in small groups of no more than 25 guests for a deeply engaging adventure. TheGo Local Ketchikan Native Tlingit Walking Touroffers a Tlingit guided journey through the historic Creek Street, Married Man's Trail and the salmon spawning ground, where you'll get to savor delectable tribal dishes and chat with locals.

Kayak through Alaska for a different perspective on nature.

Alaska for The Spirited Explorer

Perfect for families young and old, The Spirited Explorers are those who want a fair balance of excitement while still conserving energy for all the other activities available on and off-ship! You may still want a few additional days on land, so we recommend the12-day Denali Explorer Cruisetour. Enjoy five extra days before your cruise with overnight stays in Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage. This similar but less demanding Cruisetour allows you to journey along the Alaskan railroad, enjoy a private tour through a dog musher’s kennel and soak in thrilling sites with spare time for exploring, shopping, sightseeing, and more!

Spirited Explorers may also enjoy a ship likeNorwegian Bliss, with itineraries full of fun activities and exciting destinations, perfect for families. Aboard Norwegian Bliss you’ll make your way to Skagway where you can take an awesomeGo Local Tourinto Skagway’s wild and woolly past, hearing tales of the early settlers and discussing the town’s raucous, free-wheeling history over a few beers. Norwegian Bliss alsocruises to Icy Strait Point.
And of course, you haven’t seen Alaska unless you see a whale in the wild, so make sure you sign up for theWhale Watching & Zip Rider shore excursionto the Point Adolphus area, home to Alaska’s largest resident whale population with guaranteed whale-sightings, followed by an adventurous zipline in Icy Strait Point.

Enjoy thrills with unbelievable views.

Alaska for The Scenic Sightseer

Cruising Alaskaisn’t all adrenaline and high-energy. Casual landscape lovers can still enjoy just as much dramatic beauty from the comfort of catamarans and deluxe buses with plenty to brag about when they get home. Enjoy 4 days of land in Alaska with ourDenali Express Cruisetour, including overnight stays in Anchorage and Denali and a railroad tour of Alaska's rich wildlife and profound beauty. You’ll also enjoy free time to enjoy a plethora of unique activities available in the area.

For spectacular views inKetchikan, we recommend theMisty Fjords & Wilderness Explorer shore excursionwhere you’ll take a guided luxury cruise aboard one of the fastest sightseeing vessels in Alaska, passing colorful fishing boats, floatplanes and extraordinary wildlife. As you venture through rugged coastlines and enter the Behm Canal, surrounded by the pristine beauty of Misty Fjords, you’ll stop to view a bald eagle’s nest and a Tlingit pictograph, admire New Eddystone Rock, an immense volcanic spire rising from the sea and explore Rudyerd Bay, an ice-carved masterpiece deep within the Monument. Learn the natural history of the fjords while gliding quietly beneath 3,000-foot vertical cliffs. Then experience native culture and history presented by a Tlingit storyteller, watch a native artist at work, or enjoy a tour-related video presentation.

The Best Time to See the Northern Lights in Alaska

An aurora, also known as the polar lights,the northern lights, or aurora polaris, is a natural light phenomenon predominantly seen in high-altitude regions. Illuminating the sky with brilliant ethereal colors, this magnificent spectacle is a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. The aurora borealis’ peak two seasons in Alaska occur around the equinoxes, which take place inMarchandSeptember. This colorful event is a must-see no-matter what kind of traveler you are and there are a number of different types of aurora tours that will help you catch a glimpse of one of the world's most pursued natural events.

Our extended Alaska season allows for a better chance to see the stunning Aurora Polaris phenomenon.

With the youngest fleet sailing Alaska and the only cruise line with anextended Alaska season through spring and summerfor optimum aurora sightings among other top attractions, the best way to cruise Alaska is with Norwegian. We offer incredibleAlaska cruise dealson any of five award-winning cruise ships sailing from seven different ports, all designed to give you the freedom to explore the Last Frontier on your terms. Whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for, it’s guaranteed to be life-changing if it’s in Alaska. So find the journey that best suits you, grab your gear and feel what it’s like to let the outside in with Norwegian Cruise Line.