Your Perfect Journey

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Your Perfect Journey

The bright-side view of things. It really can be found everywhere, if you look with an open mind. One of the bright-side views toward travel having been limited during the last several years, is our newfound appreciation for the power a journey has to fulfill and transform us. Undoubtedly, that appreciation is a large part of the reason why a great deal of recent research and consumer surveys have found that people believe travel is more important than ever, that they intend to spend more on travel than they had before 2020, and – unequivocally – that they want to travel meaningfully

As people now revel in the joy of planning travel that they feel confident will actually happen – whether reclaiming earlier plans or creating new ones – it’s lovely to imagine the collective delight swirling around us. People are pursuing the manifestation of their dreams, of the ideal way they would like to spend precious time.

When you travel with Explora Journeys, you will experience the first ocean journey of its kind, one where you, and no one else, can shape the experience that is truly perfect for you. For some, the perfect journey is rife with discovery. Whether immersing oneself in a new culture – its language, food, music, colors, and architecture – or specifically indulging in the pursuit of a specific topic like the history of French Champagne houses, spending time taking in the new is an ideal way to spark wonder and feel enriched. Others are drawn to a feeling. They want to break free from the sameness of their everyday routines at home, by diving into adventurous activities. Trekking across a glacier, swimming with whale sharks, spending a day in the life of a race car driver – nothing can replace the adrenaline rush these travellers seek. The heady rush of a new challenge imbues them with a new sense of excitement.

Many travellers who plan their dream journey do so in order to experience a place rather than a type of activity. A common example of this is when travellers leave snowy Northern cities for points south, in the heart of winter. Sun, warmth, and the shedding of extra layers of clothing provide a deeply satisfying respite, and perhaps a sense of freedom. Or, it could be that the sensation of being fully surrounded by the vibrancy and constancy of nature is someone’s ideal journey. Perhaps they feel a sense of their inner spirit soaring with joy as they gaze at an endlessly blue horizon line, where sea and sky are somehow delineated and yet inseparable. When you envision your most life-affirming journey, what do you yearn for?

Let’s go there for a moment.

Close your eyes. Then, focus on the in and out of your breath. Let everything around you fall away as you sink into your imagination. Recall a moment from a past journey, that made you feel like your most whole, happy self, brimming with excitement about everything and about nothing at all. Let yourself explore that memory. What were you wearing? Who was with you? What was the light like – was it golden hour, or was twilight winking at you from behind a setting sun? Was the sky dotted with stars, or did city lights glow all around you?

Most importantly, exactly how did you feel? Now, let yourself feel that again. Focus again on the in and out of your breath. What an incredible memory.

Now, on to how you can create more memories of the perfect travel experience. You see, you won’t find theatre productions on Explora Journeys’ ships, but you will find them in many of the stunning cities where we visit. You also won’t find formal nights, or other large gatherings, for that matter. Every private guest space is a home at sea, each suite oceanfront with a large terrace.

Foodies will be delighted by exploring the nine different culinary experiences onboard. With no set dining times, it’s like being in one of the world’s great cities and dining in all the best restaurants. In fact, just like you would find in the most revered luxury hotels, hosts onboard are passionate hospitality experts who wish to deliver intuitive personalized service.

Travelers who holiday with Explora Journeys are those who long to be left exhilarated and not exhausted. Explora Journeys offers a different pace: slower, deeper and with more opportunity for immersion. You may even have a sense that you can touch the impossible; to reach out and fulfill a transcendent need that resonates deep within your being. All of this brings to mind a line from the Chinese philosopher, Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” The Explora Journeys team has created something where luxury becomes joyful, personal, and transformative – whether onboard, exploring destinations with purpose, or reminiscing about the trip long after you’ve returned home.

Now, if you enjoyed that brief visit into your memories earlier, here is another exercise for you. Imagine that you are at the edge of something ancient and deeply familiar, and yet entirely mysterious. You are feeling the most peculiar fusion of immense relaxation and delicious anticipation for all that is to come. You feel a breeze, you feel sunlight, you feel moonlight, you feel a cold glass in your hand. You feel the hand of someone you love gently touching your shoulder. You are in the moment you have always dreamed of, and yet somehow have always known.

You are in your Ocean State of Mind.